Mormon Hub – Artists Share Faith & Talent at 8th Annual Christmas Art Showcase

The Inspirational Art Association is currently holding its 8th Annual Christmas Art Showcase at the Joseph Smith Memorial Building in downtown Salt Lake City. The purpose and mission of the association is to “foster the creation and promotion of inspirational art.” Members of the association seek to produce artistic works that “honor the Master Creator by setting a standard of excellence and by uplifting each other and those we serve through our art.”

During the invitation-only Private Artist’s Reception of the Christmas Showcase, held on November 29, guests were not only able to view artwork, but they were also able to mingle with the artists themselves. Our visit with some of the artists highlighted the varied paths and experiences that inspired each of them to refine their craft and dedicate their work to uplifting and inspiring others.

Annette Everett

Annette Whitaker Everett holds her sculptural piece, "Rest and Be Thankful," depicting a mother and child, at the Inspirational Art Association's 8th Annual Joseph Smith Memorial Building Christmas Art Showcase.
Annette Everett holds her
sculptural piece,
“Rest and Be Thankful.”

Some artists, like Annette Everett of St. George, knew they wanted to pursue artistic careers from an early age. Everett drew and painted throughout her childhood and went on to study art at Brigham Young University, University of Utah, and the Art Academy of Cincinnati. Though Everett spent the better part of her career painting, for the last ten years she has turned to sculpture. When asked what inspired her sudden change of focus, she said that she “couldn’t say what [she] wanted to with paint,” and found sculpture to be a more effective medium for expressing herself.

Everett’s pieces at the showcase revolved around themes of womanhood and motherhood. One of her favorite pieces, “Rest and Be Thankful,” depicts a seated mother, knees drawn close and a sleeping child draped over her shoulder. Everett recently learned of a couple who took comfort in her piece after the passing of their child, and she is grateful for the opportunity to create art that “touches people and evokes an emotional response.”

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